The “Extra”of Food

I had been planning since long to jot down something on Food and Recipes. Today it appears as the nicest opportunity to sit back and pour out my pen. A rainy damp evening! My child and I are home.  Hubby is not yet back from work.  All my regular evening chores are done.  It’s my private and one of the most beloved moments, accompanied by a relaxing cup of hot tea. The flowing steam from the tea cup fills me with warmth, very dear to me.

Tonight I prepared chicken for dinner which is going to be complemented by a tender dessert. Yes, I made that too. Well, sometimes I feel, cooking gives me a genuine pleasure. Putting different items together in the right proportion and finally turning them out to be a nice palate is indeed a joy.

In this article, my purpose is not to talk about any recipe or food in general. This is but going to be a simple reflection on how I personally feel about food.

We cook food every day (or pre-prepare for every day), and basically eat to meet our hunger. However, parallel to hunger the joy in eating also plays a vital role in our day to day life. So the question arises; is food only a physical necessity? In my perception, and I bet you also agree, food is a whole lot more than simply a basic need. Food gives us life energy – from both tangible and intangible point of view.

Energy is vital to living a healthy and active life. This is the physical or chemical energy that food provides us with every meal every day. Besides, there is another energy that food is secretly providing us every moment. This is a form of energy which is fueling us from the backstage and keeps us motivated.  This energy is secreted from the joy generated when we eat.

Amidst our work, for instance, pretty often we get tired. We want to unplug for a while. And the very next thing we all probably do is to think about something to eat. It may not be necessary that we are hungry. But certainly, the thought of eating brings a spark to the mind. Again, after a long day work, the vision of a steaming cup of coffee takes the stress off to a great extent. In a hot summer day, an ice cream or a bottle of cold beverage relaxes us beyond word.

We visit restaurants with a happy mood. This mood is, no doubt, the result of the upcoming pleasure that is going to come with the food that we order. We try food from various cultures and try different delicacies. Why? It is because good, tasty food makes us happy by releasing happiness-inducing hormones.  And the pleasure that we derive from eating a delicious meal keeps us invigorated for hours together for sure. The effect lingers.

Food is definitely something we not only want; rather, we look forward to every day. So eating is very important and is one of the basic pleasures of life. We celebrate every occasion of life with food. Again, another important task that food accomplishes is that it keeps us on track of the day because our eating habit gives us the alarm which time it is to cook and sit down to eat.

Well, I remember a time when I altogether lost appetite for food. This is the early stage of conceiving my baby. I got so sick that hardly I could think of eating. The physical outcome was obvious. I had lost a considerable amount of weight. And the mental effect was that I was feeling genuinely depressed. I almost lost track of the hours of the day. I had no pleasures of the day to look forward to in the form of a palate. Then I seriously realized how we are unconsciously impacted by food. It is a big motivator in life besides being the provider of breaths. And we all definitely agree that we don’t want to live by breathing alone. Once all the other basic and intellectual needs are met we crave for some extras in life in the form of pleasure. And a considerable portion of that extra is satiated by our longing for food.

So folks, honor your food. Enjoy your cooking time, and gleefully look forward to what you are going to eat today. It may sound funny but effective; keep yourself motivated for hard work with the vision of a plateful of relishing meal later on the day. Be thankful to the Almighty that HE is giving us the appetite to eat and the sufficient means to buy what we eat.



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